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El Palmar Caños de Meca Punta Paloma Tarifa

Some of Spain's best surfing spots are situated between Tarifa and Cádiz on the Costa de la Luz. In fact, it is the town of Tarifa (Cádiz province) which is considered the birthplace of Spanish surfing. Here you will find national and international surfing championships and events.
The great popularity of surfing has led to different disciplines depending on the manner of surfing (kneeling - boogieboard, lying down - bodyboard, etc.), on the technique used, on the type of waves and on the type of board used (shortboard and longboard). The difficulty of surfing varies according to the size, speed and shape of the waves. The best ones are those that break forming a "wall", with foam spreading to the right or left in a progressive manner.
Storms in the Atlantic Ocean are causing the swell reaching the Spanish Atlantic coast. This is why the best months to find good waves are between October and May, when the storms are more frequent.
On good days you'll encounter waves up to 3m. The best days are when the Levante wind changes to Poniente wind and the water is going to be glassy. Windless days are rare, but always better for the wave conditions.

Surf spots near Chiclana de la Frontera and at the Costa de la Luz

Surf spot El Palmar, Costa de la Luz
El Palmar is the beach with the most surfable days in the year. It's situated about 10km from Chiclana down the Costa de la Luz. Some surf schools offer beginners courses and rent the surf material. We recommend surfing in El Palmar preferably with lower tides. That's when it works best and provides waves about shoulder high.

Surf spot Caños de Meca, Costa de la Luz
Another great spot is Caños de Meca, about 6km in the south of El Palmar. The wave breaks 70m from the shore at a reef right in front of the touristic urbanisation "Playa del Estrecho". Stones make the entrance to the water a bit difficult here. Cuts in your feet will be unavoidable, unless you wear surf shoes.
This wave can be the longest ride on good days when the swell direction is perfect.

Surf spot Hierbabuena, Barbate
Another recommendable spot on days when Chiclana and El Palmar gets too big and chaotic is situated on the right end of the bay of Barbate. The point of this cape is generating this wave on days with strong swell. Hierbabuena will be protected from the wind if the direction is north-western, so check the forecast before you go surfing here. The surroundings of this spot are magnificent. You should park your car inside the port of Barbate, because some cars that were parked closer to the spot got broken open and robbed.

Surf spot Punta Paloma, Tarifa
The Punta Paloma is situated at the right end of the Tarifa bay, where the large sand dune is. It never gets crowded here. The Spanish call this spot also Benavides. Even the way to this beach is a nice experience. Take the little path from the public parking behind the dune through the pine woods and cross some smaller sand dunes until you see this little beach with stones in the water on the left and right. In between these rocks is where the waves break perfectly on days with a bit of southern swell.

Surf school and surfing lessons in Chiclana

Chiclana and the Costa de la Luz provide excellent conditions to learn surfing. It's always recommendable to get some first instructions in a surf school, so you learn about safety aspects and basic knowledge. After the beginners course you have to practice, practice, practice... ;-)
Surfing is not a sport to be learned within 2 weeks of holidays. It takes many years to be a really good surfer. But loads of fun, an intense physical challenge and an impressive natural experience is what you get from the very first day on.
Here our recommendations where to learn surfing in Andalusia: Océano Surf School, El Palmar