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Within the last years kitesurfing in Chiclana de la Frontera has developed to be a very popular sport. To fully enjoy the wind, waves and beach visit Chiclana outside the main season.
Kitesurfing is quite easy to learn, but is recommended to get a professional kitesurfing course to be safely in the Ocean. You should start by learning how to fly the kite and control the force of the wind that will help you to do jumps and make short flights. Once you can manage this, you can move on to controlling the board on the water.

Spots for kitesurfing in Chiclana de la Frontera and Andalucνa

Kitesurfing with western wind - Poniente
The western wind Poniente arrives side-onshore and brings 4-6 Bft depending on the time of the year. Small to medium size waves come with the Poniente providing perfect conditions for beginners and advanced riders.
For Poniente wind kites between 12 and 16m² are recommendable.
Kite-Spot: Cabo Trafalgar, Caρos de Meca
This spot is a 10min car drive away from Chiclana, but definitely worth the effort. The bay on the left of the lighthouse of Trafalgar offers perfect kitesurfing conditions.
With western wind the water is absolutely flat on the inside of the bay and further out at the cape is where some clean waves break (especially in the winter time). Some nice beach bars are also to be found at this spot, where you can eat and drink after an exhausting kitesurfing day.

Kitesurfing with eastern wind - Levante
While windsurfers love the strong Levante, kitesurfers used to avoid this wind especially at the beginning of their kitesurfing adventure.
Levante reaches bewteen 6 and 9 Bft and its direction is side-offshore from the left. Levante demands a very high level of kitesurfing skills.
With small boards and kites of the latest generation Levante can be still a lot of fun and a great challenge. You should generally keep in mind:
• Levante blows side-offshore (crossing against the wind is a must)
• Levante is more gusty than Poniente
• Levante builds up quickly and gets very strong
Kite spot: Chiclana de la Frontera, Costa de la Luz
In Chiclana de la Frontera kitesurfing is only allowed at the left side of the lagoon (past the bridge). Strong Levante in Tarifa will always show 2-3 Bft less in Chiclana.
The wind direction is sideshore either way. Waves can be a challenge in the winter time between October and May.

Kite schools and kite lessons in Chiclana de la Frontera

Over the last couple of years Chiclana has developed a good offer of kitesurfing shops that sell the latest material and also give kitesurfing lessons. Some kite schools work with helmets, microphones for communication and a zodiac for support in the water. The level of equipment and know-how is extremely high in Chiclana.
Most kitesurf schools have a certificate of the International Kitesurfing Organisation. Optionally, others are certified by the VDWS, which is a German organisation.
Here are some kite schools we can recommend:
• McKite in Conil de la Frontera;
• Kitesurf Chiclana, La Barrosa;