Jamon Iberico

King Prawn


jamon prawn chorizo

Food in Andalusia is excellent and the famous specialities of this region are being offered in all the restaurants and tapa bars in Chiclana de la Frontera. The Andalusian cuisine is very tasty and healthy. It is based on fresh fish, meat, olive oil and vegetables from the Andalusian garden. The cuisine in Chiclana is well recognised as some of the finest in Andalucia. Chiclana de la Frontera has some very fine restaurants serving excellent food. They can be found in the city centre, along the beach area and in Novo Sancti Petri.
Seafood is a big favourite here and you'll find it on most menus. King prawn, crayfish, crab, squid are very popular. Also, pork products are very popular.
Make sure you try the Chicharrón - a dish made of fried pork rinds. The pork rind type is the skin of the pork after it has been seasoned and deep fried. Also the "butifarras" - a sausage made from seasoned fresh minced pork and "longanizas" - a sausages salchichón that differ from chorizo in that they substitute black pepper for paprika and may include different spices like nutmeg.
Chiclana produces many delicious pastries such as the famous almond cake ( torta de almendra) made by nuns from the Jesús Nazareno Convent.

Chiclana is famous for its wines and they are well worth checking out. It depends on the restaurant some specialise in certain types but a popular choice is the "moscatel" and "oloroso" which are sweet wines.
Not too far from Chiclana, The Strait of Gibraltar is where the best tuna in the world is being caught. But also the Iberian pork and beef are ranking amongst the greatest delicacies of Andalusia.
You should neither miss to try the Manchego cheese combined best with a glass of Rioja or Sherry.
Here are some restaurant and tapa bars worth to recomend in Chiclana: El Pájaro Chico Tapas Bar, Casa Alfonso, Bar La Pajarita, El Cafetal Tapas Bar, Meson La Muda Restaurant, Restaurant Casa Adolfo, Bar La Rambla, Peña Taurina Emilio Oliva Bar, El Cabildo, La Bodega El Carretero Restaurant "La sartén", Chiringuito and Restaurant "El Jamon"